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Clémentine Delaby created Culottes Sans Frontières on May 23, 2019:

A non-profit organization established under the French 1901 Act, the purpose of which is to raise funds to purchase period briefs and distribute them in countries where access to intimate hygiene products is difficult or even impossible.


It all started with an observation: this product is simply revolutionary. Practical, ecological, non-toxic. What if every woman had this? Maybe girls would stay in school longer? Maybe more women would have access to job opportunities?


But the cost of buying briefs makes it hard for those in need to use them. Culottes Sans Frontières is considering various solutions to make this product accessible: involving existing brands, having briefs manufactured at a lower cost in the countries affected by CSF's projects.


The first distribution of briefs was made in January 2020, in Nouakchott, in a women's prison, thanks to donations from internet users and to Modibodi, CSF's first partner.

The CSF team


Clémentine Delaby


A globe trotter, she recently discovered the miraculous menstrual briefs and decided that, soon, these briefs would rain down on the planet. She established Culottes Sans Frontières in 2019.


Anne Roret


Following a career as a lawyer in New York and Paris, Anne worked for 10 years at AFD, the French development agency and Proparco, specializing in the health and education sectors, particularly in South America.

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